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Application — LiveDeviL's Lab.

 15 Feb 2011 @ 6:21 PM 

ss Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Charm Table AnalyzerWhat is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (MHP3rd) Charm Mining Analyzer?

When MHP3rd game is started, it will randomly load 1 table from 15 charm (also known as talisman) tables available, and keep using it as long as we do not exit the game and return to PSP’s XMB. To keep the long story short, if the charm we want to get is in table no 1, and the game is loading table no 5, then we will unlikely to get it. The best way is to exit the game, return to PSP’s XMB, then restart the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd game, and pray the game will load the right table this time. But how to tell which table is loaded by the game? This is what MHP3rd Charm Mining Analyzer does. MHP3rd Charm Mining Analyzer is a software to analyze and determine if the game is currently loading the right table, that will eventually give us the charms we want to get. MHP3rd Charm Mining Analyzer will analyze the charms we obtained after mining at Volcano map (note: currently only supports High Rank Volcano charms), and give us advice whether we should exit the game to XMB and restart the MHP3rd, or just keep on mining until we get the charms we want.

Features :

  • Uses nosuke’s Timeworn Charm Table (both XLSX and CSV format supported)
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007 (for XLSX format)
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Auto / manual charms filtering based on Skill 1 and / or Skill 2
  • Wanted charms list can be saved, and loaded later when needed
  • Obtained charms list can be saved, and loaded later when needed
  • Hotkeys for quick operating
  • Simple advice to keep on mining when 1 or more charms table are matched
  • Every lists can be sorted ascending or descending
  • Every lists supports multiple selection (simply use SHIFT or CTRL button on the keyboard)
  • Every lists have anti-duplicate feature


How to use MHP3rd Charm Mining Analyzer?

  1. Make sure you have everything mentioned in Requirements section above.
  2. Install MHP3rd Charm Table Analyzer and run it from the start menu.
  3. Open nosuke’s Timeworn Ancient Charms Table excel / CSV file.
  4. Search the Skill 1 and / or Skill 2 that you want to get.
  5. For slower computer, you can uncheck the Auto Filter option.
  6. Select the charm(s) you want to get from the list on the top, and click Add to Wanted Charms List button.
  7. If you accidentally added the wrong charm, simply select it from the Wanted Charms List, and press delete button on your keyboard, then click YES.
  8. Repeat step 6 if you want other charms to be added to the Wanted Charms List.
  9. Saving your Wanted Charms List is recommended. Click File > Save Wanted Charms List As or press F4 button on your keyboard.
  10. Click the Obtained Charms tab.
  11. In MHP3rd game in your PSP, go to Gathering Quest LV 7* in Volcano map (currently nosuke’s Timeworn Ancient Table only support high rank charms), and mine in map no 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
  12. When you get the charms appraised, enter the Skill 1 and / or Skill 2 of the obtained charms. (note: currently only Queen talisman, King talisman, and Dragon talisman supported).
  13. Click Add to Obtained Charms List button.
  14. If you accidentally added the wrong charm, simply select it from the Obtained Charms List, and press delete button on your keyboard, then click YES.
  15. Repeat step 12 for all your obtained charms.
  16. Saving the Obtained Charms List is recommended. Click File > Save Obtained Charms List As or press F12 button on your keyboard.
  17. After all obtained charms added to the list, click Analyze button or press F9 on your keyboard.
  18. The result will be displayed in a few seconds (depends on how many charms on the lists), along with the suggestion whether you should go back to XMB, and restart the MHP3rd game, or keep on mining because there is a possibility that you will get the charms listed below the suggestion text.

Download link

Download MHP3rd Charm Table Analyzer

(file password: thelivedevil.com)


There are some skills that have alias name. I’ll list them here:

  • Combo Plus = Shotmix
  • Tremor Res = Quake Res
  • Tranquilzr = Rewards
  • Determination = Awaken
  • Anti Defense Down = Fortitude
  • Severe Blow = Debilitate
  • Heavy Blow = Slam



  • This software is provided as is. Meaning there is no support.
  • I, as the author of this software, will not take any responsibility should anything bad happens to your computer, such as hardware and software problems, and or losing any kind of data or information, after using MHP3rd Charm Table Analyzer. Use it at your own risk.
  • This software is virus free, ads free, and spyware free. However, if you feel unsure, please use your antivirus scan the file before installing.
  • However, should you find any bug(s), you may contact me and inform them to me. I will try to fix them as soon as possible.
  • MHP3rd Charm Table Analyzer is freeware. However, if this software is useful for you, please consider donating.
  • Please do not post the download link and or download mirror link to forums, blogs, or websites. Instead, you may share this page’s URL anywhere you want.
  • You may not download, install, and or use MHP3rd Charm Table Analyzer if you do not agree with the Disclaimers provided above.
  • By downloading MHP3rd Charm Table Analyzer, you are agree to all the Disclaimers provided above.


  • nosuke @minegarde
  • http://hore.mokoaki.net
  • Team HGG

Change Log

  • v1.0.23
    • + support CSV format of  Timeworn Charm Table (hence ms office becomes optional. yay!) icon biggrin Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Charm Table Analyzer
    • Cleaned up some unused code
    • ! Charm Slot column is now aligned center
  • v1.0.17
    • Initial release

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