16 Aug 2009 @ 5:06 PM 

I have no time to update my blog for the last two weeks or so because of my busy days at work. zz 4 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog But I managed to find interesting add-ons for my blog. If you notice I’ve added several nice add-ons into this blog. These add-ons are very useful in terms of functionality, and also helps to prettify the overall look of the blog. So today, I’m going to share these add-ons with all of you. And hopefully this post can inspire you to use them in your own blog. I know it’s not new for some, but I hope this can help others who don’t know this . So here we go…

  • Wibiya Bar

    wibiya thumb 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog Wibiya Bar is a toolbar that looks like Facebook’s toolbar to add on your blog. Cool huh? zz 3 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog Besides making your blog looks cool, Wibiya Bar also integrates some nice features. Here the list:

    • Such as search box (can search the posts in your blog and search in Google).
    • Page translation into 11 languages (at the time I write this post).
    • See the recent posts in your blog, display random post, RSS subscriptions.
    • Share the displayed post to many famous social bookmark / networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, etc).
    • Lets you to create your very own blog community (using Facebook).
    • Integrating your Facebook into your blog (so that you can post some message to your Facebook directly from your blog).
    • Integrating your Twitter account in your blog.
    • Post a notification to your fellow blog readers.
    • Toolbar can be minimized if needed.
    • Many colorful toolbar to match your blog’s theme, etc.

So… With all these nice features, how much should I pay, I hear you ask. They’re all free. No coding needed. Very easy to implement. Oh, and you can play so many games too using Wibiya Bar. Ain’t that fun? zz 16 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog

check out Wibiya Toolbar’s website

  • Skribit

    skribit thumb 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog Skribit is a widget that lets your fellow blog reader to suggest a topic they would like you to write or post in your blog. It can be something that they believe you know enough to write an article regarding their suggested topics, along with the tags related to the suggested topic. This is pretty useful if you don’t have a clue what to write or post in your blog. Let your fellow readers help you!

Here’s some features of Skribit :

    • Let’s your blog readers suggest you some topics they would like to read, and they think you knows enough to post it on your blog.
    • Widget can be placed on any side of your blog (top, left, right, or bottom side of your blog). So you can place it anywhere  you think it might looks good and match your blog’s theme. You can even specify how far the widget should be displayed from top or left of your screen.
    • Customize widget’s background color to any color you like, and the text color to either black or white.

There are two types of Skribit services, free and paid. The paid services will have more features than the free one of course. Such as customizable suggestions box, etc. I use the free one myself, and it’s good enough for me. zz 16 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog

check out Skribit widget’s website

Now these add-ons below is for WordPress blogs only…

  • Lightbox 2

    Lightbox2 thumb 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog Lightbox 2 is a WordPress plugin to display the images posted in your blog by displaying them in the middle of the screen, and darkening the rest part around it. So it will create a spotlight effect. If you post a lot of pictures in your wordpress blog, you might want to consider using this plugin. It works fine in wordpress 2.8.4 (latest version when I wrote this post).

Just like Wibiya Bar and Skribit widget, Lightbox 2 plugin is also free.

check out Lightbox 2 plugin’s website

  • WordPress Thread Comment

    wpthreadcomment thumb 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog WordPress Thread Comment is a plugin to enable your reader (and you of course) to reply to any comment. So people can easily spot your reply to a specific comment, and these comments will be displayed threaded or nested. Much neater than the old boring conventional wordpress comment box.

Here’s the feature list quoted from WordPress Thread Comment website :

    • One can reply on any exist comments.
    • The discussion will be displayed nested or threaded.
    • Easy to install. No hacking on WordPress or your theme is needed.
    • W3C compatible.
    • Customizable HTML / PHP / CSS on admin section.
    • AJAX support, enables to comment without reloading the whole page.
    • Choose AJAX or not freely
    • Get notification by email when reply is available.

Yes, as you’ve all guessed. WordPress Thread Comment is also free. Oh boy, I love freebies… tu 41 4 Nice Add ons You Should Add to Your Blog

check out WordPress Thread Comment plugin’s website

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