21 Feb 2010 @ 11:05 PM 

foxstikpapermodel Lem FOX STIK PapermodelThis is my first papermodel design. A 1:1 replica of “lem FOX STIK”. A PVAc base glue that many papermodelers in Indonesia use to build papermodel. The idea of modeling this glue container popped up in my head some times ago. There’s no particular reason though. I just think it’s not a complex form, and I think I can model it myself. zz 15 Lem FOX STIK Papermodel I don’t think I should start with a mecha or a tank. I’ll just start from the simple one.

I have a plan to model all tools I use to build papermodel. But of course this plan depends on my spare time, courage, and willingness. zz 1 Lem FOX STIK Papermodel

By the way, if you look carefully in the picture, my model is slightly different from the original one. It’s on purpose. I modify it that way, so it is easier to build. There’s no use to design a realistic model, but very very hard to build, right? zz 13 Lem FOX STIK Papermodel

Anyway… I wish you enjoy building it as much as I enjoy designing it!

These are the instructions (click to enlarge):
instruction1 thumb Lem FOX STIK Papermodelinstruction2 thumb Lem FOX STIK Papermodelinstruction3 thumb Lem FOX STIK Papermodel










Download : Lem Fox STIK papermodel

Password : thelivedevil.com

Lem Fox STIK is a product of P.T. Dynea Indria. This model is for educational and art use only. This model is FREE.

Greetings to all Paper Replika Indonesia a.k.a. PERI members.hi 7 Lem FOX STIK Papermodel

You may not link directly to this file. Please link to this page in your blog or website instead. Thank you.

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