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gundamf91 My new hobby… Papercraft! Whoa.. No update for several months. zz 11 My new hobby… Papercraft! My job as an ‘all-in-one’ IT staff has kept me busy everyday. They really know how to keep me busy zz 4 My new hobby… Papercraft!

Several weeks ago, I got a new activity, which shortly after that, becoming my new hobby . It’s called Papercraft or Papermodel.

Papercraft or papermodel is a replica or model of the real world (and or virtual) objects, such as vehicle, building, certain characters from video games or movie, etc, which is built by using paper as the material. There are various kinds of papercraft, from the simplest to the highly detailed one. From the unscaled miniature model, to the precisely scaled model.

These models are designed by skilled people which is called papercrafters or papermodelers. There are 2 methods in designing papercraft. One is called ‘Scratch and build’ (also known as SB in papercraft world), and the other is by using 3D softwares to design and unfold (transforming the 3D model to printable 2D patterns) the model. Both methods require some skills, creativities, and efforts to be able to design a good papermodel.

Moreover, there are papercraft builders. Builders does not design the papercraft or papermodel by themselves. They just download the patterns from internet, and then build them. Like designers, builders also require some skills. Cutting the patterns, scoring (make the lines easier to bend), and glueing the patterns altogether according to the instructions (sometimes they have no instruction at all zz 2 My new hobby… Papercraft! ) needs some patience and time to get a good result.  zz 7 My new hobby… Papercraft!

I myself, as a newbie builder who just get into this activity, found papercraft as a very good way to spend my spare time. Building papercrafts, trained my brain, my patience, and my concentration. It makes me happy when I see my finished model which costs me many hours and efforts. Currently I’m learning to design my own papercraft too. Hopefully I can make my own papercraft design in the near future. zz 3 My new hobby… Papercraft!

I think everyone should try this too. It’s a cheap and fun hobby! I hope you are inspired to try build one for yourself.

These are some pictures of my first finished papercraft.

It’s a SD (Super Deformed) Gundam Formula 91.
DSC 0126 thumb My new hobby… Papercraft!DSC 0132 thumb My new hobby… Papercraft!DSC 0134 thumb My new hobby… Papercraft!

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