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VAIOESeries How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan Intro

It’s been a while since the last time i update this blog. As you can see from the last post before this, I use Sony VAIO VPCEA16FG notebook for work and gaming. It’s performing great for 15 months now. But then, recently, the left part of the keyboard felt rather hot than it was.

So I download HWMonitor (64bit version) and checked the CPU temperature of my notebook. The result is 48 – 51 Celsius at 5 minutes after I start it up, and leave it idle. And after I run MS Flight Simulator for around 10 minutes, it jumps to 85 – 88 Celsius, and the fan starts roaring that reminds me of an airplane getting ready to take off. It’s trying it’s best to cool down the hot temperature by spinning faster. But it failed. The CPU temperature is still around 85 – 88 Celsius.

After googling here and there, I found that many people have this problem too. This is caused by thick dusts on the fan. Blocking the airflow that supposed to release the heat. The cure is, of course, by cleaning up the dusts. So I gathered my guts to disassemble my VPCEA16FG by myself, and took some pictures I to make a little documentation. I hope this guide can help people with their overheating VAIO notebook.


Warning and Precaution

  • By disassembling your VAIO, you will void the warranty (if any). If the warranty is still valid, do not continue. Instead, take your VAIO to your local Sony Certified Service Center and ask them to clean it for you. Don’t forget to bring along your warranty card.
  • I do not and will not take any responsible for any damage caused by this guide.
  • I made this guide merely to help other people having overheating and noisy fan on their VAIO notebook.
  • I fix the overheating and noisy problem in my VAIO notebook, but I do not guarantee or promise you will get the same result as I do.
  • If you’re not sure you can do this yourself, then don’t. Either take your VAIO to Sony Certified Service Center, or ask someone you know capable.
  • Again… Do this at your own risk!


Required Tools

  • Small Phillip head screwdriver that matched the screws size.
  • Jumbo Hurricane Blower to blow the dust away. Do not use your mouth.
  • Paint brush to brush the dust away.
    toolsq.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  • Credit / ATM Card to slide and crack open the notebook.
  • Magnet to hold your removed screws, so you don’t lose any (optional).


The steps

  • (Optional Step). Before we start cleaning up, you might want to download and run HWMonitor to check the idle temperature and the heavy load temperature of your VAIO. So that you can compare them later. Idle temperature is the temperature after about 5 minutes after you start your VAIO and leave it alone, and heavy load temperature is when you check temperature after opening heavy applications or games, and let them run a while.
  1. Remove the charger cable, USB stick, mouse, and any attached cable / peripheral from your notebook.
  2. Put your notebook on a soft and level surface (eg. on your bed), bottom side up.
  3. Unlock and remove the battery.
    27294352.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  4. Using the phillip head screwdriver, remove all the screws. Screw locations are marked on the following picture.
    39383849.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  5. Remove the memory cover. Removing memory module is not necessary.
  6. Make sure you remove the 2 screws marked below, then pull out the DVD drive carefully.
    70756381.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  7. Remove the Hard Drive cover. Then, remove the 2 little screws (see picture below) that hold the Hard Drive bracket.
    66993042.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  8. Carefully slide the Hard Drive to the left until it’s completely detached from the socket.
    13255664.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  9. Hold the transparent plastic and pull the Hard Drive out to the right.
    33249075.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  10. Make sure you removed all the screws in step no 4 above. Carefully hold your notebook with one hand so that you are looking at the battery slot, then carefully slide in a credit / ATM card to the corner part where the base of the notebook meets the upper part. Lift the card a little bit to split them. Do the same to the other corner if needed.
    98192203.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  11. Do not open the base part just yet. Lie down your notebook like in step no 2 above. Then slowly lift the base part upward. Just like opening a suitcase. If you feel something is stuck, do not force it. Shake the base part a little bit and try again.
    75019180.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  12. By this time, you can see the dusts at the marked spots.
    68638117.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  13. But the main target is the fan. So let’s clean it up carefully with paint brush. Then blow the dust outward. Locate the Jumbo Hurricane Blower between the fan’s blades. Repeat step 13 until the fan’s blades are clean, and you can’t see any dust anymore when you blow them with the blower.
    86542480.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  14. OK, the fan is clean now. But we are going to clean the other parts as well. Such as the base part that we removed just now. You can brush and blow them like we did to the fan, of use a dry cloth to wipe it clean.
    98917442.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan96751796.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
    48902205.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
    53634730i.th How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  15. Now that your VAIO is cleaned up, we can now reassembly it. It’s as simple as reversing the steps given above.
  16. If you downloaded the HWMonitor above, you can now check the temperature of your VAIO. After starting it up, run HWMonitor and leave it idle for 5 minutes. Note the idle temperature. This is my VAIO’s idle temperature after cleaning up.
    idle thumb How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan
  17. Now try to open heavy applications or games to make the CPU work hard. Converting video file or play high CPU and GPU demanding games is recommended. After 1 hour or so, note the temperature again. This is my notebook’s temperature after 2 hours playing MS Flight Simulator (the game still running).
    after2hoursbusy thumb How to Disassemble Sony VAIO E Series to Clean Up The Fan



  • Because I live in a tropical country, my room temperature is around 28 – 30 Celsius.
  • No Air Conditioner was used during the test.
  • No notebook cooler was used during the test.
  • I hope this guide can help you fixing the VAIO overheat and noisy fan problem.

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Responses to this post » (22 Total)

  1. Maharajan says:


    Nice post. I m actually having the same kind of problem. I just wanted to ask. When running games like VT3 or battlefield, my graphics very slow gets stuck everytime after a few minutes. Do you thing dust acumulation would be the cause this issue as well. I havent cleaned my fan as of yet. My manufactures warranty is over but I have a got a 2 year SMC I dont know whether I should do it on my own.

    I have given my laptop for warrenty opening once so the tamper proof should have gone so I think I can open on my own I guess.


  2. LiveDeviL says:

    Hello Maharajan,
    Thank you. About your graphics getting stuck every a few minutes, I’m sorry, I cannot be sure it is caused by the dust accumulation in the fan. Are those games run well before, and started to have the problem just recently? If yes, I think overheating CPU and GPU could be one factor.

    But if I were you, I would prefer to check the game’s graphic settings first (including those settings in Catalyst Control Center), or update the graphic adapter’s driver if needed, before I decide to open up my VAIO.

    If you finally decide to open up your VAIO, please share your experience and the result here. Good luck! :)

  3. Nghiem says:

    My Sony Vaio E Series keep going in sleep mode (only when I’m playing games, I’ve turn off so it doesn’t sleep in power options, but it is still sleeping).
    I’m not sure what’s causing it, but when I start up I can hear the fan starting. It doesn’t seem to be over heating. But I can feel the fan vibrating by just putting my hand on the laptop.
    I still have my warranty but I’m just wondering what’s causing the problem?
    Thanks heaps :)

  4. LiveDeviL says:

    hello Nghiem,
    I’m not sure what is the cause of this “persistent sleep mode” problem in your VAIO. But just to be on the safe side, if I were you, I’d take it to the nearest Sony Certified Service Center. Because you still have your warranty. And furthermore, if you think there’s something wrong about the fan, perhaps it makes louder noise than it used to, you can have them to check the fan as well…
    Hope your VAIO’s problem will be fixed soon. :)

  5. Nghiem says:

    Well, I’ll take it to be repaired ASAP.
    By the way, your website is fantastic! so much useful info.
    Thank you very much! ;)

  6. Sal says:

    Is the processor in this laptop soldered to the board? I got one with a new one with a pentium b940 processor and want to upgrade to an i3.

    LiveDeviL Reply:

    I didn’t pay attention to the processor when I disassemble my VAIO EA16FG. But looking at the image on step #12 above, we can see there are some screws holding the heatsink and the processor. So I assume it’s not soldered to the board. But of course I might be wrong, because I don’t know what model is your laptop. So I’m just assuming based on the picture of my VAIO EA16FG. Please CMIIW :)

  7. 5w4dh1n says:

    may i know where my gpu fan is located !! i’ve cleaned my cpu fan but during playing games the gpu reacts like moron..plz help

    LiveDeviL Reply:

    @5w4dh1n, hello 5w4dh1n,
    the GPU and CPU both use the same fan to cool down their temperatures. You can see it in picture on step #12 above.
    The CPU and GPU’s heatsinks are connected to the same fan.

    About your GPU’s performance, if I may suggest, try to update the driver. And to push the performance further more, you can try GameBooster 3, or even soft overclock your GPU with AMD GPU clock tool. Of course, at your own risk. :)

  8. 5w4dh1n says:

    about my laptop’s config.. i5 processor,ati readon hd 5650 gpu,6gb ram,win7ultimate 64 bit…. and i’m using speedfan which always shows the gpu temp above 55*c in normal mode and it goes on increasing as I plays games ..
    is there any way to get rid of this problem !!
    thnx in adv….

  9. Sumeet says:

    Hello Maharajan,

    I am having the same problem :(
    Did u get solution how to solve it ???

  10. valexbast says:

    this post is very useful and well explained (and so far it is the only guide to disassembling of E series I found)… But I still have questions since my goal is not cleaning the fan but rather changing the factory hard drive, which is at death’s door.
    1) This default hard drive is a Toshiba MK5065GSX. Could a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 ST9500325AS replace it well? It’s almost identical, maybe better, yet easily affordable.
    2) Since I only have to replace the hard drive, do you think I’d be able to follow steps 7-9 only? Because I’m a total newbie at this stuff and I’d like to f*ck up as less things as possible.
    Thank you in advance :-)

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