23 Apr 2011 @ 12:02 AM 

vaiocontrolcentercrash VAIO Control Center has stopped working. Oops…

A few months ago, I was a happy Sony VAIO VPCEA16FG user. It has everything I want and need. One feature that I like is Battery Care. What this Battery Care does is limiting the battery charge to a certain level to extend the battery lifetime, and in the end will slow down the battery degradation. It comes with 2 presets. 80% if you usually use the computer with battery power, and 50% if you usually use the computer with the AC adapter. So basically if you set it on 80%, then whenever the battery charged to 80%, it will say it’s full. Same thing with 50%, it will say the battery is full whenever the battery charged to 50%.

This Battery Care can be found inside VAIO Control Center application. And after tons of VAIO software updates, windows updates, install / uninstall a lot of software, one day I found out that my battery says it has 100% power. What the…? It was supposed to be limited at 50% since I mostly use it while on AC adapter. So I opened up VAIO Control Center, and *boom*. I got this ugly window saying VAIO Control Center has stopped working. AddEmoticons0051 VAIO Control Center has stopped working. Oops…

I Googled it and got no solution at all. And after days of headache, I fixed it by myself. This is how I did it.

  1. Uninstall the Setting Utility Series.
    click start (orb) > computer > click Uninstall or change a program > find and click on Setting Utility Series > click Uninstall
  2. Run the VAIO Care application > click Recovery & restore > click recovery > click Launch VAIO Recovery
  3. Once the VAIO Recovery Center appears, click Reinstall Programs or Drivers > click start > (make sure you check on “Skip”) click next > click next > find Setting Utility Series from the available programs list, and check it > click next
  4. Restart your VAIO when finished.


Once restarted, I can run the VAIO Control Center again to set the Battery Care feature on, and set it back to 50%. Now I’m happy once again… banana VAIO Control Center has stopped working. Oops…


I hope these steps may help you dealing with the VAIO Control Center has stopped working problem.

Posted By: LiveDeviL
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  1. nasn0sa says:

    but i couldnt find Setting Utility Series

  2. Amy says:

    I don’t have the Vaio care application

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